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Online site terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to our online sites, including,, and St Collins Lane mobile websites applications (individually and collectively, the “online site”). 

Any services or other facilities made available via the online site including features, content and applications, and whether directly by us or others (for example by St Collins Lane Traders (collectively, the “online facilities”) are subject to these terms and conditions.  Other policies or terms and conditions may apply to your relationship with us and St Collins Lane Traders, including our privacy policy available from and terms and conditions which may apply from time to time to trade promotions. 

By accessing the online site or making any use of the online facilities, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.  If you do not wish to be bound in this way, please do not access or use the online site or the online facilities – you are not authorised to access or make use of the online site or the online facilities other than on these terms and conditions. 

Who are we?

In these terms and conditions, ‘we’ and ‘St Collins Lane’ are, individually and collectively, JP Morgan Asset Management (Australia) Limited ABN 55 143 832 080 and its related bodies corporate, as to their respective interests relating to 260 Collins Street MELBOURNE VIC 3000 (known as ‘St Collins Lane’).  This property is leased to a variety of retail tenants, for example clothing stores and restaurants (‘St Collins Lane Tenants’).   

Your information

We do not accept any obligation to you regarding information you provide to us via the online site or when making use of any online facilities.  This is regardless of any form in which that information is put.  Please do not send us any information in respect of which you seek any obligation from us, including confidentiality obligations.  If you make any information available to us in whatever form, you give us a non-exclusive, royalty free worldwide licence, unlimited as to time, to make such uses and disclosures of it and to permit others to do the same, in any way we or they decide.

Your access commitments

You acknowledge and agree that the goods and services which may be promoted via the online site are those of third parties, including St Collins Lane Traders and we are merely facilitating the advertising of those goods and services.

 You agree that we have no responsibility in respect of any guarantee, conditions or warranties regarding such goods and services and that any complaint you may have in respect of them should be directed to the relevant third party.  If you decide to acquire any such goods or services, you agreed to examine them and satisfy yourself regarding them and not rely on anything claimed to be our representation regarding those goods and services.  As between you and ourselves, you agree to rely only on your own decision making regarding any acquisition of such goods or services.

The information on the online site or provided as part of any online facilities may not be accurate, adequate, complete or up to date and you should not rely on anything to the contrary. 

You agree that by promoting the goods and services of third parties (including St Collins Lane Traders) we are not making any recommendation or endorsement of any of their products and services.  This is so regardless of whether the online site or the online facilities make provision for links to or from the online sites or facilities of third parties.

Acceptable use

By making any use (including access) of the online site or the online facilities, you represent and warrant that:

-you will not be in violation of any applicable law or of these terms and conditions;

-you will take precautions to prevent your use creating any exposure to any computer system connected with such use, including in relation to viruses;

-your use will be for your own individual personal use.  You agree that you are not licensed to, and will not, exercise any intellectual property in any works rather subject matter comprising, depicted on or associated with the online site or the online facilities, including images and trade marks.  You agree that you will not use any trade mark depicted in or on the online site as trade marks, in the absence of a separate written trade mark license with the trade mark owner;

-we may terminate your use of the online site or the online facilities immediately and without notice to you; and

-if you believe that an aspect of the online site or the online facilities constitutes an infringement of your or a third party’s rights, please contact us.  We do not condone or authorise the online site or any online facilities being implicated in any infringement of anyone’s rights.  Laws such as the Copyright Act 1968 in Australia provide recourse to copyright owners who believe that certain online material infringes their rights.  In that event you agree to provide us with any information reasonably required by us, including where applicable any information required by those laws.


Nothing in these terms and conditions excludes, restricts or modifies any condition, warranty, right or liability implied in these terms and conditions or protected by law to the extent that such exclusion, restriction or modification would render these terms and conditions or any provision of them void, illegal or unenforceable.  Subject to that:

-we do not accept responsibility (and you agree we are not responsible) for any loss or damage, however caused (including through negligence), which you may directly or indirectly suffer in connection with your use of the online site or the online facilities or any linked site or facilities, nor do we accept any responsibility (and you agree we are not responsible) for any such loss arising out of your use of or reliance on information contained on or accessed via the online site or the online facilities;

-any condition, warranty, right or liability which would otherwise be implied in these terms and conditions or protected by law is excluded; and

-except in relation to liability for personal injury (including sickness and death), we do not accept liability to you (and you agree we are not liable) in respect of any loss or damage (including indirect, special or consequential loss or damage) which may be suffered or incurred by you or which may arise directly or indirectly in respect of goods or services promoted via the online site or the online facilities.

Governing law

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws in force in the State of New South Wales, Australia.

Contacting us

Our contact details for these terms and conditions are:

General Manager
St Collins Lane
260 Collins Street
Tel: +61 3 85824001


These terms and conditions are current at the date below.  We may change them periodically.  If we propose to change these terms and conditions, we will display at least 2 weeks’ prior notice of the change on

Last updated:  April 10, 2018

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